Enrichment Programs

TIME 2 SIGN-Sign Language Classes

This program is designed to teach children to “Say it a new way” by introducing the concept of sign-language. Teaching babies sign-language enables us to communicate more effectively with them as they grasp the concept of language at a very young age. Teaching Preschoolers and Elementary age children American Sign Language, has positive affects in academics, cognitive and social growth with increased vocabulary. Have your child experience “A new way to say it” with Time 2 Sign.

Phonics Read to Achieve Program

Teaching children Phonics helps them learn the relationship between the letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language. This program teaches basic phonics skills, including recognizing the letter of the alphabet, learning uppercase and lower case letters, alphabet writing and word building. These skills assist children in listening skills as well as in practicing and building their vocabulary. Sound It Out and enjoy the experience of reading with our Read to Achieve Program. Discover why this is one of our most successful BBLA initiatives that continues to help students advance in their preparation for Kindergarten. Coach Moe facilitates this program and is passionate about preparing young minds to succeed!

B1st Fitness for Kids - Healthy Kids

With the childhood obesity rate at an all time high, healthy eating and fitness is extremely important. Our B1st Fitness for Kids and Healthy Kids Programs introduces our children to the fun of exercise and importance of eating healthy through organized activities and Nutrition for Kids workshops. Physical activity reduces stress and calms children making them happier and more attentive in the classroom. Introducing the routine of exercise to children provides the benefit of strong muscles and bones and decreases the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. In addition to exercise, teaching healthy eating habits will help children maintain healthy weight and normal growth. Our combined programs will make them become aware of the importance early on to help maintain healthy lifestyles when they are adults. Let’s Shake Rattle and Roll your child into a healthy lifestyle!

Espanol Klub (Spanish Classes)

We created our language program because of the fact that learning another language and experiencing another culture can be a great experience for children. We believe that acquiring a second language is easier when children are younger. According to the neuroscience field, young children have superior language learning abilities. When children learn another language, it gives them a deeper understanding of other people and cultures. This experience will increase their awareness and respect for the differences in the community so that they may participate more knowledgeably within their community and our vastly growing multicultural society. Our Espanol Klub makes language learning fun!

Dr. Seuss Book Club

Children enjoy the world of books with our interactive visits to the library. Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classes take weekly visits to the library to experience some of the classic storybooks coming to action. Children love playing a part in the fascinating and exciting process. They are able to choose and check out books of their choice. Getting children involved in the library experience helps to jumpstart their interest in books and reading. Come join us for Dr. Seuss Book Club every Wednesday and watch your child flourish in the love for literacy!

Learning Lab

Children are surrounded by technology at home, within their community and in early childhood education. The National Association for the Education of Young Children(NAEYC) is an organization that sets standards of excellence in programs for children from birth through age eight. Their research shows that computers have important benefits for young children, including language and literacy development, social development and the development of problem-solving skills. The “Learning Lab” will introduce educational skills and provide new experiences in creativity, storytelling and music through computers and various learning tablets. These experiences help develop fine motor skills and teach the concept of cause and effect. In addition, the program prepares children for future computer use, increases self esteem and confidence, and improves long term memory. Discover the learning lab and enhance your child’s overall early childhood learning experience.